Our Vision

These children and families arrive from smaller towns and villages in India. Bewildered and anxious, desperately seeking promises of a miraculous cure, they come to the cancer speciality hospitals in Mumbai. These hospitals, oncology services and other aid Associations extend them with medical and counselling assistance. But they have nowhere to stay, and many end up on the footpath, or paying dearly for unhygienic accommodation. Such unstable living and emotional conditions drastically affects the minds and immune systems of the patient and further reduces their survival rate.

During our volunteer experience with other Cancer NGOs, we were deeply moved by the plight and helplessness of children and families coming from economically weaker sections. We envisioned that every needy child who comes to Mumbai to undergo treatment for cancer would have access to a clean, safe, comfortable, caring, and cost-free accommodation. And it would be a home away from home for both the child and his family. In such a nurturing environment, these little ones would have another shot at life.

And so, Access Life was born!

We have started with our first centre at Chembur East and intend to develop a prototype for successful framework that can replicated elsewhere by us and others.

In June 2014, we identified and negotiated for the premises for the Chembur Centre, and assembled a skilled and enthusiastic Project Team which met for the first time in February 2014.

The first eight families moved into the Chembur Centre in the first fortnight in July 2014.

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