About Us

The founders of Access Life Assistance Foundation discovered a huge unmet need to provide a safe and clean atmosphere for children to recover during their Cancer treatment. These children, along with their families, travel to Mumbai from remote towns and villages, in the hope of being treated at hospitals such as Tata Memorial, LTMGH (Sion Hospital), Wadia Hospital, Nair Hospital etc. where they receive free of charge treatment.

These people come from rural and remote places, desperately looking for the assurance of cure for cancer that can only be accessible in a big city like Mumbai. Aid Associations and Hospitals extend them medical assistance free of cost considering their financial eligibility. But they have no place to stay, and many end up on the footpath, or paying dearly for unhygienic accommodation. Unhygienic living conditions, lack of psychosocial support, lack of proper nutrition and weakened immune systems will lead to lower survival rate.

Abrupt migration creates adverse psychological, economical and social impact on the lives of these families such as stress, depression, malnutrition, unemployment, discontinuation of children’s education, departure from their extended family. At Access Life, we provide free of cost accommodation with hygienic and high quality living environment for the children and their parents.

Good Nutrition is especially important in cancer treatment because both the illness and its treatment can affect the patient’s appetite. At our centre, we provide food grains and nutritional supplement required for the children. Transportation services are provided to the families to take them to the hospitals.

Along with meeting their physical needs to combat cancer we also try to address the psychological and social effects of cancer. Depression and other symptoms of stress are being handled by providing counselling services to the individual and families. Recreational activities are being conducted at the centre to rejuvenate children and their families. Educational sessions are conducted to the children regularly when they are at the centre, so that they can go back and continue their schooling. Most of these parents lose their occupation as they have to be in the city for longer periods. At Access life we try to equip them with new skills which would enable them to earn a living through a job or self employment after completion of the cancer treatment of their children.

We use Art Based Therapy (ABT) to enhance their creative skills, discovering needs, managing stress and depression, improving relationships, improving social skills and behaviour, and awakening talents. Keeping the needs of the children’s and their parents in mind we plan these sessions. We use different media like painting, music, dance, and storytelling.

While providing the accommodation and psychosocial support, we also strive for the overall development of these families by uplifting their civic sense and social values by setting up good examples and guidelines in place

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