• "If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference."

    "From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you have done & are doing. Your generosity has given me new hope!" "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around & you are exactly doing that.....

    -- Sapna Parikh ( 2015-02-04)
  • Great initiative.. great execution.. great maintainence.. very inspiring.. way to go.. kudos.. God bless..

    -- Prachi Shah ( 2014-09-23)
  • Super work and commendable gesture. Very thoughtful. God bless. Keep doing the wonderful work u guys doing. With u all always. TSS.

    -- Tamana Chawla Karishma Matta ( 2015-02-12)
  • I had an opportunity to visit Accesslife yesterday. A wonderful initiative by Girish and Ankeet. The whole place is filled with positive energy and good vibes. I loved interacting with the kids who are endearing, optimistic and ambitious. I would be coming back here more often, hoping to encourage community workshops for productive living amongst the parents of the kids.

    -- Rahul Menon ( 2015-03-13)
  • You guys are doing amazing work. Totally loved interacting with the children and their parents. Had a great evening

    -- Khushboo Thakker ( 2015-02-21)
  • Salute ........great work........really supportive

    -- Totomos Dhruv ( 2015-02-12)
  • Great work Ankit Dave n team..Not able to spend as much time as I want to with the little ones, but will defenitely help whenever n in whichever way possible always. Love the bachas n wish all the darlings a speedy recovery...

    -- Sudha Salgaonkar ( 2015-02-04)
  • Hats off to the team for such a thoughtful initiative and the well organised set up!

    --Namita Tijoriwala Parekh ( 2014-12-29)
  • It was the best Christmas celebration for all of us ...
    It is truely said real happiness is when you are reason for making somebody happy ...  
    Special thanks to Neha & gang for making it more special....

    -- Ketki Parab Kengar ( 2014-12-27)
  • It was pleasure being there...enjoyed playing with kids and had lots of fun

    -- Tanaya Rane ( 2014-12-25)
  • Had a great time with kids... Best christmas celebrated ever..

    -- Karishma Parab ( 2014-12-25)
  • Great initiative... enjoyed christmas with these lovely kids..

    -- Rashmi Parab ( 2014-12-25)
  • Very inspiring
    Very thoughtful initiative...honestly never got the time to go there but plan to make a visit every saturday or sunday...Ankeet & team appreciate your work

    -- Eshna Seth ( 2014-10-26)
  • A novel idea , with a sincere execution .. viva!

    -- Kim Vegas ( 2014-10-03)
  • Really proud of true mumbaikars who are taking initiative towards children of our own country
    good work keep it up

    --Rohiny Kunal Ghatge ( 2014-08-15)
  • An inspirational message to society.

    -- Abhishek Dilip Gupta ( 2014-07-30)
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